My only camera on this trip was an iPhone 11. I didn’t go for a “workshop”; rather, I went to satisfy a lifelong desire to see wild Africa, to get a glimpse of the Earth as it has been for millennia. I went for the experience, not for prize-winning trophy photos (I understand some others’ photos have already won prizes). I was afraid I had built my hopes a bit too high, so I tamped down my expectations and was prepared to confront an almost wild environment that had recently been a beautifully functioning natural ecosystem.

What I experienced was beyond all my expectations. I saw a part of the world where native flora and fauna live in harmony. I was especially inspired by the Masai people who cling to their ancient traditions. It was more than I had hoped for. Oh, and iPhones are great for videos. – Tom Weiss

I grew up on a cattle ranch on the eastern margin of The Everglades in an area that is now suburban Ft. Lauderdale. Having attended boys boarding schools from the second grade through high school likely twisted my psyche; but, I seem to write mostly love poems, so there you go.

I moved to Knoxville in 1974 intending to stay a year, and I’ve been here ever since, so it looks like I’m here to stay.

I spent a lifetime toiling in commercial real estate management and development until the pandemic retired me kicking and screaming, kindly allowing me to come out of the literary closet. My publishing history extends all the way back to December 2021. Nine poems have been published in four journals to date as I’m also working on my short fiction voice. Appearing in this journal with these remarkable photographers is a waking wet dream.



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