We had a terrific three days of shooting under the superb guidance of Peter Essick. He provided a great intro to the workshop with a discussion about composition in landscape photography, and then again each day with some tips on working in the particular light and location we would be in. All three venues – Cumberland, the Okefenokee and the town of Folkston – were packed with photographic possibilities but also very different from each other. The Okefenokee, in particular, is a unique and magical place and we timed our morning and evening boat trips to catch the perfect light. As an added bonus I got reacquainted with some photographers who I’d crossed paths with over the years, and made some new friends too. While the photographing was non-stop during our day trips we also had fun as a group during the day and in the off hours in the evening before, during and after dinners. Nancy knows how to host a workshop!


Even though I’ve lived in Atlanta for the last 40 years, I still can’t say I’m a Southerner. I do, however, proudly call it home and love life here. Much of what I focus on in my photographic work are the natural and cultural landscapes of my adopted home. In my earliest education in photography, I learned my way around a black and white darkroom, the basics of composition, and a love for the beauty of a B+W print. I still do a lot of work in B+W but the beauty of the light in the South is a constant draw towards color. This recent SxSE workshop was a marvelous opportunity to explore the light at every hour of the day.