I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to attend the SxSE workshop to the Okefenokee Swamp and Cumberland Island with Peter Essick and Nancy McCrary. The highlight for me was having access to the Swamp at sunrise and also sunset with boat guides who were knowledgeable about the flora and fauna. The experience was awe-inspiring. It was also interesting to explore the small town of Folkston. It was coincidental that our trip occurred during Folkston’s annual train festival, a time when train enthusiasts descend upon this small town for the chance to see an average of 60 trains pass through over a 24-hour period. -Beate Sass

Beate Sass is a photo-based artist whose imagery is inspired by the Southwest region where she grew up and her experience as a mother and advocate of a daughter with a disability. Beate is not only drawn to capture the essence and beauty of her subjects but to also utilize her knowledge of visual storytelling to highlight and amplify the voices of those who are often overlooked.

Beate’s photography has been featured in solo and joint exhibitions including The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia and the Southeast Museum of Photography. Her projects have been published in Lenswork, Oxford America, and South x Southeast Photomagazine. She has also self-published two zines and created a large-scale installation that was displayed in her hometown of Decatur, Georgia.