Calling myself an amateur photographer coming in would be…. generous. But right off the bat, I knew I was in terrific hands with this crew. Nancy & Cindy were so helpful in dissecting the language of aperture, ISO, shutter speed etc – and the intricate dance between these features to create the photographs we all cherish. This gracious communication had me feeling up to speed by day 3.

My biggest takeaway is the recurring role patience plays in this craft. You could line up a stunning shot of lion cubs playing… only to be hindered by lighting at the time. Or discover the most vibrant, colorful kingfisher…but lose it to the wind at the same moment. It is these missed opportunities that accentuate the best moments when they are finally captured. And there is no better feeling than nailing that shot!

I am so proud of everyone’s photographs, and even more appreciative of the guidance from trip leaders to get comfortable behind the lens. -Connor Falla


My name is Connor Falla. I am a North Carolinian who loves all things sports and all things music. I work a Finance job in Charlotte and graduated from Elon University in 2020. I was so fortunate to accompany my grandfather on the Kenyan safari!