Chinatown, Manhattan
Chinatown, Manhattan
Unlike all of my images up until this point, this body of work is in black-and-white rather than in color.  It was also created close to home, in my home town of New York rather than in another country.  When I embarked on the project I was a bit concerned that the people of New York would be resistant to having me take their picture. This turned out to be the furthest from the truth.  The subjects all knew that they were being photographed.  Some spent a bit of time conversing with me, while it was a brief encounter with others.  In the end, regardless of the time we spent together, we connected and they all revealed a portion of themselves to me and my camera. —Lorrie Dallek





I belong out amongst the people as an observer, participant and recorder of everyday life.  Whether working home or abroad my goal is to always connect with people and capture a piece of their world and what they are feeling, As such, I am repeatedly reminded that we are all a part of the Family of Man – humans with the same needs, hopes and desires. —Lorrie Dallek

Lorrie has been photographing for over 30 years.  She is a graduate of the Creative Circus, Image Program in Atlanta.  Her work can be seen in photo magazines as well as private residential and commercial locations.  Currently, Lorrie works for different not-for-profit organizations and has several books published.



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