Another Summer by Adela Holmes



When I think of summer, I think of happiness. That’s probably because people are generally much happier during this time of the year. One should wonder why, but really it’s not that hard to figure out. When the air is warm our bodies are relaxed; the sun rays elevate our endorphins and then we top that with lazy vacationing. What else is there to do than to smile, laugh, skip, swim in warm waters and run wild, leaving all sorrows behind. In these images I show the similarities of summer’s happy madness no matter what region, as some photos are taken in Germany and some in Georgia. Even though the German summer is much more welcome than the dreaded Georgia summer, we still do the same thing — we play.
—Adela Holmes




Adela Holmes was born in Poland. In her late childhood, she and her family moved to Berlin, Germany. After graduating high school, she moved to the United States. While in the US, she received a BFA in Interior Design but after a few years working as a designer she switched her focus to the art world. At first she represented several artists and eventually worked for numerous art galleries.

Her attraction to the arts became clear later in life when she realized that she was an artist herself. After picking up her first 3.0 pixel camera in 2004, she has not left the house without a camera again. Now that her two children are grown, Adela pursues photography full time in Berlin and in the State of Georgia.

Her latest artistic developments lead her to photographic storytelling. In the ongoing project “Hattie’s Capricious World”, Adela sequences her photographs in a way that they tell the story. This visual fable is told in parts and is very much becoming a witty fairytale for adults.