I spy on windows with my camera. Over many years I collected more than 500 photographs of windows. I believe they reflect the people who own them. They reflect not only the time and culture of those who build them, but also of the generations who have used them. Their beauty and diversity inspire me to look both inside and outside on my journeys. From outside I imagine what kind of life is being lived behind them. From inside I see a single, unique slice of the world–a view that can’t be duplicated from any other spot on the planet. Such a window might be in a barn or a Church in an American city or rural community. Or it could be in an old castle or monastery in a city or town in Europe or Asia. In choosing only 20 images I have picked the ones that I hope will inspire the viewer to notice windows in daily life and look at them in a new way.

Malgorzata Florkowska native of Poland, has been pursuing photography for 15 years. She and her husband live in Griffin, Georgia. Her photographs are in the permanent collection of Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia and Arts Clayton, GA. Her images have been shown in solo and group exhibitions around Atlanta. She published two books:  Joy of Farming and Walking through History. 

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Camera: Canon EOS 40D, iPhone 11 Pro Max