What is your favorite museum for photography?

Museums to view photography. That’s tough, I know things are changing but many museums only show photography in their basements or mezzanines like the bastard child of the art world so my first two are dedicated to photography and not really museums in the traditional sense.

The Griffin in Boston
And the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel .
MOFA Houston has a great collection .
Also the High Museum but there are more .
The Fox Talbot is on that List.


What helped you get through the pandemic?

British TV and seeing everyones art online. Being with family.


What was the best book you read/viewed last year?

Love Sally Davis’s book NewYorkers. Makes me want to live in a New York Apartment !


What are your favorite instagram feeds?

Instagram is a treasure trove if you are selective. The downside of all social media for art is that people must produce it at a furious rate. Art takes time, to make and to view.


In alphabetical order.
Diana Bloomfield @ dhbloomfieldphoto_dinahlee/
I can get lost in her images. Romantic, and full of serene beauty.
The Imogen Cunningham Trust.
The first photographer to show me that photography was art , when I found her book in a school library.
Anthony Pagliuca @apagliuca
is always an inspiration . Everyday things become art. Anthony is an artist in the truest definition of the word.
And because there are no rules in art I am going to go beyond 3.
Josephine Sacabo @jsacabo
Beauty mixed with danger, foreboding and hope. What a creator to give the viewer all that on a piece of paper.
Jerry Takigawa @ jerrytakigawa
His work is heartbreaking and beautiful and full of life’s lessons.
Richard Tuschman @ richardtuschman
The craftsman and wonderful story teller, beautiful work.
Grace Weston @gracewestonphotography
Is well Grace Weston and I always look forward to seeing what’s on her mind.

What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t let others define you.  Do more!


About me. 
Connie along with Jerry Rosenthal are the co-founders of Rfotofolio a 501(c3) non for profit to  support photographers and to feature their work and interviews on our site. She is very proud of the shows we have been able to curate, including Depth of Field 2015 at Art Intersection, Depth of Field 2018 at the Center for Photographic Art, among others. The next exhibition will be Beauty Where You Find It at the Light Art Gallery. rfotofolio.org