What is your favorite museum for photography? / MOMA

What helped you get through the pandemic? / To be able to work in the gallery space as well as the support of family.  My husband and all 4 of my children inspire me.

What was the best book you read/viewed last year? / Station 11

What are your favorite instagram feeds? / Jackson Fine Art and all of our Artists’ feeds

What piece of advice would you give your younger self? / Explore the world and always be curious!


Anna Walker Skillman has been a loyal and active participant in the arts community for the last 29 years. Graduated in Art History from the University of Georgia in 1991, she began her career working at the Haines Gallery, a leading contemporary art gallery in San Francisco. In 1993, Anna moved to Atlanta to manage the studio of Atlanta artist Todd Murphy. After working with Mr. Murphy to help establish his career, Anna turned to photography and joined Jackson Fine Art in 1997. In March of 2003, she purchased Jackson Fine Art from Jane Jackson, who became curator of the prestigious collection of Sir Elton John. Ms. Walker Skillman is honored to continue a reputation of excellence in exhibiting photography by both emerging and established artists. With a focus on a blend of 20th century and contemporary work, she continues her commitment to the arts in Atlanta and beyond.

Jackson Fine Art is located at 3115 East Shadowlawn Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. The gallery has two exhibition spaces and rotates exhibits every two months. Represented artists include: Mona Kuhn, Gordon Parks, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Harry Callahan, Mitch Epstein, John Chiara, Andrew Moore, Helen Levitt, Sally Mann, Abelardo Morell, Jack Spencer, Angela West and Yamamoto Masao, among others. The gallery has participated in various international art fairs including: The Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) Photography Show, Paris Photo, Art Miami, and Photo Los Angeles.