Looking through my photographs from the past few years, I realized a simple truth, much of my favorite work was captured during a road trip. Two or more weeks on the road wandering through the Gulf Coast or our Western states provided great opportunities.

The first few images presented here: Point Reyes, Wyoming Grasslands, White Sands, and Georgia Farm are from some of my travels.


The pandemic and the ensuing “lock down”, squashed my plans and the chance for new work. However, I was motivated to get back in the darkroom and print.

I decided to create a portfolio of work from a trip I made to the Hawaiian island of Maui.  My intention was to make five boxed sets of 10 photographs that I felt best represented what I saw during my brief stay.



Several months were required to print the fifty photographs. Care was taken to make sure each print was consistent in exposure and tone.

The finished 6”x6” prints were then dry mounted to 11”x14” archival mat board, then presented in custom portfolio boxes.



Each of the Maui Portfolios save one were gifted to family and friends.

This was a satisfying experience that gave me additional respect for the master photographers who produced multiple portfolios during their careers.

I hope you enjoy how I have seen.


BIO: Matthew Hojnacki is a fine art photographer from Roswell, GA.  His work has appeared in several juried exhibitions.  He was part of three person show of photographs sponsored by the University of Arizona Library.

Contact info:


Equipment used:

Hasselblad 503cw camera

Lenses: 40mm, 120mm, 250mm

Film:  Ilford FP4+

Paper:  Ilford MGFB Glossy