Mockingbird ©Clay Fisher

For the Birds Project

In 2018, it was time to accept and embrace a geographical change in my life, which encouraged new ways of expressing myself photographically.  Moving from the city to the suburbs, I suddenly recognized and was captivated by the variety of birds that either migrate through or inhabit my neighborhood

Granted, this didn’t immediately translate into a photographic opportunity.  I too am guilty of misconceptions and stereotypical ideologies about birds.   I’ve since learned that our language often reflects our disrespect.  An ineffectual politician is a “lame duck”.  To “lay an egg” is to flub a performance.  To be “henpecked” is to be harassed with persistent nagging.  “Eating crow” is eating humble pie.  The expression “bird brain” used to describe a stupid, foolish, or scatterbrained person…need to go any further?

While contemplating about taking on a bird project, I haphazardly ran across the book, The Genius of Birds by Jennifer Ackerman.  Upon reading the book, it was evident that it was the right, next project.  Deriving from this body of work, I have a greater appreciation and respect for this species that is often taken for granted.

As you engage with these images, I encourage you to think differently about birds and the impact they have on our lives; from honoring their mere beauty to their contribution in the diversity and role they lend to nature.

BIO: Clay enjoys photographing a variety of subjects including people, nature, architecture, landscapes, rural areas, and other themes.  His favorite form of photography is nature and travel, which has taken him to several U.S. National Parks, Georgia State Parks Nature Preserves and National Forests. His body of work captures the diversity, complexity and reverence often overlooked by the human eye within these natural places.

His work has been exhibited at the GA. State Capitol, galleries, juried exhibitions, various businesses throughout the southeast and published in newspapers and magazines.  As a Georgia full-time resident for nearly 30 years, Clay lives in Atlanta.

EQUIPMENT: All images from this series were photographed with a Canon 7D Mark II Digital Camera.

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Cardinal ©Clay Fisher