Thoughts on Taking These Photos

I am a photographer working primarily on the streets on New York drawn to the idiosyncratic, the off-kilter, the darkly humorous. It’s like being a sneak-thief stealing small stories one image at a time – whether it’s a man and his dog in a bar or an artist showing his wares in the streets of the East Village. I work mostly in black and white because I’ve always seen my New York City palette as a film noir, lending itself to more pronounced light and shadows, as in Moving Shadows. I hope you’ll see these thoughts in my images.

featured image: Clarinet ©Sandra Jetton



I graduated from Rollins College with a degree in music, studied opera in New York, and after a career in banking ( a strange detour, right?) I studied at the International Center for Photography. I found street photography to be the perfect medium, a true American art form. It combines the social landscape, use of the day or night’s light, the styles of the times, neighborhood architecture, and, of course, personal observations and interactions. My work has been exhibited around the country and is held in a number of private collections. (more information about exhibits at webite: )

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Sandra Jetton

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