Curator’s Statement:

We all have opinions and Gary Beeber in a populist, no frills, in your face—really in your face—video lets his subjects spout theirs. He does this with no judgement, letting each own their words. The question: “Do you think America is great again?” is perhaps the defining question of this moment of American civil disruption. The answers, some expounded on, and one with the simple bluntness of “Hell No!” all are firm in conviction. The people themselves, all culled from around Dayton, Ohio are glorious in their quirkiness and diversity (of style at least) and in the tight, slightly distorted filming, he elicits sometimes funny, and surprisingly thoughtful responses.

–Billy Howard



I was curious to know about what people think about what’s going on in this country today.

 I thought what I would do is produce a little video (using an iPhone) and ask people if they think that America is great again.  I personally feel that America is great for people with a lot of money, but not so great for people who are barely getting by. When I lived in Long Island I volunteered at a food pantry for eight years and interacted with a lot of people who were unable to work, and had no safety net. I now live in the Midwest and things are much worse here.

 The people interviewed in this video all live in the vicinity of Dayton, Ohio (in the suburbs). The farm that’s mentioned is located in an area that was once rural but is becoming more and more suburban.

–Gary Beeber

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Gary Beeber is an award-winning American photographer/filmmaker who has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States and Europe.  His documentary films have screened at over 75 film festivals.  His solo (photography) exhibitions include two at Generous Miracles Gallery (NYC), the Griffin Museum of Photography, and an upcoming exhibition at the Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts which will travel to several cities.  Beeber’s work has also been included in juried exhibitions throughout the world. Among Fortune 500 companies who collect his work are Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Goldman Sachs and Chase Bank.