Animals have always been a part of human existence and our relationships with them are complex. We admit we are like them in many ways, yet our differences are obvious. We often easily attribute human characteristics to them, but they are subservient to us in ways we would never expect of a person. These connections are worth exploring and examining.

Today, we use animals for many things, including companionship, entertainment, food, clothing, transportation, research, and education. Animal/anima: At Our Service investigates our interaction with animals in all its variations. It describes the range of emotions we have about our relationship to animals, from domination to love, from indifference to outrage, from fear to joy. It allows us to consider how we feel by scrutinizing how we behave.    

The photographs in Animal/anima: At Our Service often remove the animals pictured from the environment, but because of their graphic proximity, they actually become the landscape. This transition compels us to make new associations and confront how we feel about their presence and importance.—Forest McMullin


Forest McMullin is a freelance photographer and photographic educator based in Atlanta, GA. He specializes in photographing fringe social groups and is respected for his ability to bring out their dignity while still showing them with directness and honesty. His photographs have been exhibited across the United States as well as in Paris and Beijing. His work is found in numerous public and private collections. Currently he is a full time Professor of Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Atlanta campus and delivers lectures and workshops around the US. In addition to teaching, he shoots his own work and consults. His consultations include portfolio development, marketing strategies, business planning, and equipment and technical advice. He works with individuals, businesses, and industry leaders.