Years ago, I was looking for a new photographic technique to experiment with. A photographer and good friend of mine, Danny Clinch, recommended I try shooting with a half-frame camera. I searched on eBay and found an inexpensive Olympus Pen EE point-and-shoot from the early sixties. When it finally arrived I loaded up my first roll of film and off I went. —Bob Delevante
Birds on the Island
Birds on the Island



Initially I didn’t know what to expect but I immediately fell in love with the format. I started shooting 2-, 3- and 4-frame composites to create one image. For me the process of creating diptychs and triptychs has a very cinematic feel. Either panning across a wide scene or slowly revealing a story, frame by frame. You can build images horizontally or vertically. You can convey movement and time passing, or explore and depict various views of a common theme. Sometimes I swear I can hear the sound of an old movie projector rolling as I pan across the frames! I feel it’s as close as you can get to film while using still photography, if that makes any sense.

These days as photography draws me deeper and deeper into digital work, I find it refreshing to load up my Olympus Pen and shoot images like this. The following is a sample of work compiled over the last 10 years.


Photographer and acclaimed recording artist and record producer Bob Delevante found Nashville, Tennessee, by way of Hoboken, New Jersey.  While developing his music career on the east coast he earned a BFA in Communication Design from Parson School of Design.  After graduating he continued to pursue his musical calling and recorded for Rounder, Capitol Records and now his own independent label/creative company, Bob Delevante Studios.

He rediscovered photography several years ago. He uses all the creative mediums at his disposal such as photography, songwriting and design to capture and document glimpses of everyday life. His unpretentious approach in both subject and method make Bob’s pictures instantly accessible and keep the emotion in his work honest and true to life.