November, 2014


Jack Spencer has been called many things – among them genius, a crusty old curmudgeon (with a heart of gold), a visionary, and the Aaron Copeland of the photography world. This past summer Jack took a trip out West and down South, adding to his 11 year-old work in progress This Land. The work is definitely Jack, but with a brooding aspect, rich and provocative. Jerry Atnip sat down with Jack to discuss the new images and his ongoing project, and I’m sure he’ll enjoy my critique of both…!

Every Fall New Orleans becomes the hotbed for photography with PhotoNOLA. Jen Shaw continues to one-up herself each year with more wonderful exhibitions, portfolio reviews, discussions, and lectures. Judy Sherrod talked with Jen about what makes her tick, which tells us all a little bit more about her process and why it’s always a good time.

A couple of years ago 3 people in the town of Columbus, Georgia, got together and decided to stake a claim in the world of Southern photography. Thus began the Do Good Fund, an initiative designed to build a collection of photography of the American South, and one that could travel to traditional as well as non-traditional venues. It is a lovely collection, and a lovely way to honor our heritage. If your organization would like to show this work, please contact Alan – info at the bottom of the interview.

Jerry Atnip also talks with the guys at Digital Arts in Atlanta, a trio of photography professionals who have built a wonderful business catering to the likes of us. Arts Clayton shares their 2014 juried exhibition winners’ images, and a few more, along with their bios and statements.

And last, but not least, Lorrie Dallek takes us to the tobacco farming communities of Cuba with her light-filled imagery.

Otherwise, the holidays are upon us and we at SxSE want to wish you and yours a very happy and healthy holiday season. We’re thankful for you, as always.