May 2014



Night Blooming Cereus

Artist’s Statement

Plants are amazing things. My approach to this series of images is as much as a curious researcher in the manner of Karl Blossfeldt, documenting incredibly interesting and complex life forms, as it is to making formally beautiful photographs in the manner of Mapplethorpe. The last thing I want to do with these images is just make “pretty” pictures. Some are hopefully beautiful, but for me that beauty extends to all stages of the life cycle, not just at peak bloom.



I have a BFA in Studio Arts and an MFA in Photography. My early career was as a graphic designer (art directing many photo shoots), and then I spent many years freelancing as an illustrator, while painting all the while. I have had numerous group and solo shows in painting and photography. I taught photography at Columbia College Chicago from 2004 to 2010 after completion of my MFA there, and am now located in Nashville, Tennessee, where I teach at the Art Institute.