May 2014



Duke Garden vision

Artist’s Statement

Having just retired from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I have gone from part-time amateur to professional, which seems to be more full-time. I originally became interested in photography during my first trip overseas, a twelve-week whirlwind tour of Europe. I found that even though I was using an old point-and-shoot camera, I was very focused on finding the most interesting angle or aspect of the image, whether it was cityscape, landscape or of interesting people I encountered. This is still what motivates me: to first find a beautiful or interesting scene, then try to capture it in the most alluring manner. The challenge is to either make the photo provocative in some emotional or intellectual manner, or to induce the viewer to either want to travel to that specific location or to find some feelings that are inspired by the image. And the act of sharing these images brings its own kind of satisfaction.




Barry Udis was born in Dayton, Ohio, just after the War, and lived a comfortable life there. I went off to college at the University of Cincinnati where I began dabbling in photography. The first real photos I took were on my first travels overseas in Europe. And I have not stopped since. My interest in photography is foremost trying to capture a beautiful or interesting image, one that conveys or transmits a feeling or desire to be in that one spot, or to see an image from a different perspective.