Outside In ©Abigail Egan

Abigail Egan, b. 1993

“As an aunt to seven nieces and nephews, I am conflicted by my responsibility to protect and shield them, in direct competition with my drive to document their lives and share it with the world. My recent work is an exploration of consent in family photography and finding the balance between documentation and exploitation.

I have been confronted with the accountability that photographs carry–to document, to express, to display subjects–within a technological era that I am still learning to navigate. Photographing family, but particularly children, in the 21st century automatically propels us into a developing conversation about ethics, technology, childhood, relationships, nudity, cultural implications, and intentionality. I am untangling my role in this conversation using framing and physical barriers to separate and connect the viewer with the subject through levels, shadows, and reflections.”


Abigail Egan is an artist from Massachusetts, born 1993. She has been a photographer and writer for 10+ years, producing editorial, commercial, and literary work. Egan’s artistic style focuses closely on human connection and family interaction, while exploring themes of familial relationships, the passage of time, and responsibility in the conversation of consent.

Egan earned a BA in English Communications from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in 2015 and received her MFA from Lesley University’s College of Art and Design in the Photography and Integrated Media program in 2022.

Email Abigail Egan at abigaileganphotography@gmail.com, find her on social media at @abigaileganphotography, or visit her website www.abigailegan.com