The Disappearing Woman is a meditation on the relationship between time and femininity. Harbers’ series is inspired by the social phenomenon known as Invisible Woman Syndrome, which refers to a study that found over 70 percent of women believe they will become “invisible” in the eyes of society as they age. By turning the camera on herself and her surroundings, Harbers explores the eerie, surreal and darkly comical experience of watching yourself fade while still feeling alive.


Renee Harbers is a fine art photographer based in New York City. At times deeply personal and tongue-in-cheek, Harbers’ work melds self-portraiture, still-life, and cinematic photography to explore the artifice of identity and its construction. Whether in the context of parenthood, privilege, motherhood, or aging, Harbers mixes truth with fiction to create carefully staged images that are both unsettling and provocative. She’s interested in what we choose to hide — from both ourselves and others — and frequently focuses on the moments when those secrets spill out into the open. She holds an MFA in Photography from the University of Hartford, as well as a BS in Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.


Contact Info:

Renee W. Harbers

7 E 80th Street

New York, NY 10075

(425) 985-5445 (mobile)