The Irish Traveller world is full of family, love of traditions, and love of God. I have visited many times and every time I revel in spending time with these people, especially the women and children, whose lives appear different, yet we greet each other with warmth and acceptance. On my recent trip to Ireland, I was invited to a Christening, Holy Communions and Confirmations, and a double wedding.  Spending time in this world from morning to night I witnessed their life in the truest form. I cannot say enough about the remarkable women who kept everything together. From getting everyone dressed up in style to making sure the parties were festive. Such an expression of their love of family, friends, and of God.

Irish Travellers are recognized as an ethnic group in Ireland but continue to be the subject of both political and cultural discrimination. Both the “Travellers” and the “Settled” need to address the thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and behaviors that are causing this separatism. Longtime misconceptions between them need to be addressed Promoting an environment where racism is challenged needs to be created.

My work is about showing quiet moments of life.  Capturing elusive moments of emotion, grace, and beauty that exist, even in the most difficult times. I give voice to marginalized communities and witness the human experience. My work celebrates everyone’s strength and beauty, as well as their vulnerability and spirit, going beyond how one presents oneslef to the world. I hope my work inspires others to feel we all matter.

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