What is your favorite museum for photography?


FOAM: https://www.foam.org

“Foam or Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam is a photography museum located at the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The museum has four different exhibitions at any given time in which different photographic genres are shown, such as documentary, art and fashion.”


What helped you get through the pandemic?

I turned inward to separate and assess my work and personal lives in a surprisingly positive way. Keeping it positive and walking many miles most every day was the key.


What was the best book you read/viewed last year?

Cig Harvey’s Blue Velvet as a photography book and Howard A Rodman’s The Great Eastern as a novel


What are three of your favorite instagram feeds?

Mignonettetakespictures, projectbphotos and discoverwildlife



What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t allow anger to control you. I look back on my life and see so much unnecessary anger which never once did anything good and instead caused me a lot of self harm. Rarely if ever is anger the answer to anything.


The Kopeikin Gallery Has operated in Los Angeles since 1991, closing the last brick and mortar space in January 2020 just ahead of the pandemic, and continuing to represent many of the gallery’s long-term artists privately. The Gallery has participated in scores of international art fairs over the years and Mr. Kopeikin continues to mentor artists in various reviews, both in person and on-line. The Gallery is very much alive and in the last year has had two successful drops of NFT’s by Gallery artists.


Paul Kopeikin
Kopeikin Gallery
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