The lakeside in Prospect Park has a kind of magic to it. There is a heightened, beatific calm to the place that’s made more tangible by its location right in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. I’m drawn to photographing people here because I usually catch them in a state of pause and we can connect in what feels like a considered and tender moment. I’ve often thought of these photographs as having the feeling of a deep, meditative breath. Purposeful and aware, but not trying to hold on too tightly. These moments of contemplation, renewal, love, ritual, friendship…they are all connected by this man-made place doing exactly what it was designed to do. These are photos of a city collecting its breath.


Originally hailing from Tulsa, OK, Kent Meister is a commercial and editorial portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. His early background as a theater and film actor deeply inform his approach to portrait photography, using the still moment to reveal subtle layers of personality and character. Select clients include Droga 5, Prudential, Brookfield, General Atlantic, The Rockefeller Foundation, and The American Heart Association. Publications include The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Arkansas Life, Ratchet+Wrench, and FenderBender magazine. Apart from his commissioned assignments, Kent is working on several long form personal projects ranging from the world of New York independent theater to a road document focused on portraits of travelers at rest areas along American highways. He is an alumnus of the University of Tulsa and the School of Visual Arts with a Masters in Digital Photography.


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