For quite some time every foray I make away from the breakfast table has had one constant component… the awareness of imagery composed of shadows, blocks of color, light-enhanced textures and anomalies of light and juxtaposition. Accompanying these journeys is a camera. Which camera I use is of relatively little consequence, rather what can be made from the attraction, whatever that is, and the possible image forthcoming. After years of this awareness, I see the finished image when I make the exposure… the process within the camera through the electronic realization, finally to paper.

I cannot segregate what I see as raw material to create a “series” or adhere to a particular subject set. When an image makes itself known I start the process.

The sponsor of these choices is my continuing interest in work that painters, print makers, sculptors and other photographers have undertaken. These works have influenced my choices… not to copy but to be inspired. Consequently, my work is an eclectic celebration of what can be made as a photograph from what I see.

I do not believe I must go elsewhere to be inspired. I’ve made well over 1000 images of my front porch. But I also do not see an important difference in where I am in the world making photographs.


I was born on a farm in Hardin County Kentucky. Lived in Louisville for several years as a child. I graduated from Western Kentucky University with a BS in Biology, minor in art. After 3 years in the U. S. Army, including a tour in Vietnam, I moved to Lexington. I was a member of the Lexington Camera Club for that time. Ralph Eugene Meatyard was a member and major influence on the craft and vision of my photography. I worked as a still photographer and production technician at Kentucky Educational Television for five years before relocating to Atlanta.

In Atlanta I worked for Maisel Photochrome for a year and a half as Special Services Supervisor and for The Georgia Institute of Technology for ten years, becoming head of the photographic section of the Printing and Photographic Center. During this time, I received a MFA from Georgia State University in photography under John MacWilliams.

After I left Georgia Tech my wife and I owned and operated a graphic design studio for 25 years. I continued my personal photographic work and upon retiring from that business have been able to work full time in that regard.

Contact Information:

Charles Allen Haynes

712 Boulevard SE

Atlanta GA 30312

(404) 310-7161