There is a long and lovely history of portraiture, including self-portraiture, dating to the very dawn of photography. In this workshop we will view and discuss photographing ourselves and others in the many forms it has been practiced through the development of visual media. Emerging from our recent experiences of self isolation, we will bring new realizations to the practice of the portrait.

Photographing people can be a powerful means of expressing what it feels like to be extremely present. We will use metaphor, reflection, symbolism, non-representational and conceptual approaches, as well as straightforward methods, to photograph ourselves and to make portraits to explore the genre.

One on one feedback of work created will be scheduled.

You may use any photographic medium for this workshop.

-Molly Roberts

 Molly Roberts is a visual editor, independent curator and photographer. Her career has focused on telling visual stories in conjunction with wonderful photographers, videographers, writers and designers, primarily in the magazine print world; Washington Post Magazine, USA Weekend, Smithsonian and National Geographic Magazine. She is the Creative Director of HumanEyes USA which is a non-profit organization created to bring American issues into sharper focus through photography, video and art. Roberts recently completed an academic fellowship at the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University.

Note: This workshop will coincide with the SlowExposures Photo Festival in Concord, GA. See below for more information about SlowExposures and the line-up for this year.


Image Credit: Xina ©Robert Johnson