These images were captured in January 2020, just weeks before COVID-19 struck the globe. I wish I’d known what lay ahead. Each day in Senegal I would have risen a bit earlier, walked a bit further, eaten a bit slower. I would have savored the freedom of travel, the luxury of opening my door to endless serendipities. But as it were, I’d visited four countries in as many weeks and I was exhausted. I only managed one day of shooting — the images shared here. Now as the weight of pandemic bears down with no global end in sight, these photos serve as a reminder of the transience of opportunity and a rededication to carpe diem.


The duality of the ocean is among nature’s greatest displays of fullness. In one moment its serene and steady, in the next its pulsing with fervor. Yoff Beach mirrors the Atlantic waters it meets, both bursting with new life and rooted in antiquity. The four-mile stretch is an epicenter in Dakar’s community where social, economic and spiritual lives convene. Generations of fishermen spend long days on the water. Horse-drawn charrettes roll across the sands laden with goods. Islamic worshipers pray at the Layen Mausoleum shrine. Children play soccer, cheering their wins and cursing their opponents’.


Street portraits were my entry to photography and even as my practice expands to include new genres – like the self-portrait included in Relative: Seeing Ourselves, Seeing Others – I will always love that small exchange between a subject and my lens. I look forward to the faces I’ve yet to meet and the days when I can wander again. Until then, I’ll always have Yoff.



Candace is a DC-based photojournalist on a mission to represent a rich, nuanced record of the black experience unencumbered by stereotypes nor respectability. From that foundation, she’s specifically interested in the ways in which black folk create change & community through cultural expression.

She specializes in environmental portraiture using natural light to create honest, impactful images that capture the richness of daily life & the connectivity of our shared experience. She’s also drawn to natural landscapes & architectural structures as spaces for self-reflection, encouraging us to consider our own unique form and function.

She’s currently pursuing a master’s in photojournalism at George Washington University.


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