The summer rainy season has an emotional resonance for me.  The alternating periods of storm and stillness speak to an inner disquiet I’ve carried with me since childhood.  At age nine, I was diagnosed with a serious medical condition.  It still affects me to this day.  This early, disruptive life experience left a dark legacy of profound vulnerability.  I often feel as if bad weather is coming my way.

“Rainy Season” was created using an iPhone and digital app that replicates the flawed optics of analog toy cameras.  The heavy vignetting, strange color shifts and random light leaks convey a visio

n of child-like, cathartic expression.  This series gives photographic form to a lifelong search for an elusive sense of existential well-being.



Scott Bolendz is an award-winning fine art photographer living in the Tampa Bay area.  His work has been exhibited in museum, gallery and juried exhibitions in the United States and Europe. Scott is a photography instructor and advisory board member at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, where he will also have a solo show later this summer.