Moments in between is a visual narrative of Sara’s daily experience as both a working photographer/director and a mother. Through her visual narrative, Sara explores the complexities of simultaneous love of motherhood and love of career, both before, during and after Covid lockdowns. Sara’s work is intensely personal, inviting the viewer into her family’s lived experience.

Her images portray the heaviness and isolation of life during Covid, combined with moments of joyful solitude. We see the bond between Sara’s young daughter and the family parakeet, we see the ritual of a pet funeral through the eyes of Sara’s children during an already difficult and socially isolated time. These sad moments are intertwined with small pockets of childhood joy: wading in the Mississippi River, a socially distant July 4th.

Within this framework, as a photographer Sara is looking for the unseen moments, the moments in between moments where life’s complexities and beauty are visible. These small moments drive Sara as a human, a photographer, a mother, an artist- these moments in between moments are both elusive and universal.

Covid has taken so much. For Sara, there are always pictures. Pictures help us see, feel, believe- pictures communicate when words fail. When we find the moments in between, there is hope. Hope that we can explain all of it, to ourselves, our loved ones, our children. We all need it, hope. These pictures seek to connect us, so we can feel, hope.


Sara Rubinstein is a commercial director and still photographer based in Minneapolis, MN. Her work combines elements of authenticity, emotional range, beauty and thoughtfulness.

Sara graduated from Carleton College in 1998 with a degree in Biology and a minor in German. It took a 6 month stint as a computer programmer before Sara found photography, starting off as a photo assistant until transitioning to full time shooting in 2002. Over 20 years as a still photographer led to directing motion pieces focusing on authentic emotion and thoughtful story.

Sara is the mother of two children who appear throughout her personal work. Sara believes personal work inspires both her humanity and her commercial endeavors. Her passions include photography, riding horses, travel to remote landscapes, camping with her family in their 1977 VW Campervan, and she hopes to one day publish a collection of short stories.​ | 612.310.1102