My subjects range from reflections on human time periods to time structures of the natural world. The images utilize the interplay of societal artifacts and the formalities of visual art. Unlike the standard still life: three-dimensional objects standing upon a table, propped, lit, considered, I am more interested in assembling a sculptural relief that is complete in and of itself. These still-lives are informed by the artifacts culled from the woods on my rural property in North Carolina, cast-offs of past and present which I layer into new connections. I’m giving these artifacts an additional life by recontextualizing them. These new juxtapositions, away from their origins of mechanical intentions, scale, construction, etc., have a transformative outcome. Constructing in this way, they are also impermanent. I photograph these assemblages as a way to hold them in permanence. I am well aware of how these assemblages will be transformed by camera. I am sculpting and painting with dimensional artifacts, before a lens that are then transformed by light and camera.



Jeffrey Stern Biography BFA in Photography / Film from Philadelphia College of Art. Studied under Ray K. Metzger. MFA University of Miami in Digital Photography. Studied with Tomás López. Jeffrey is currently an Associate Professor of Practice in UM’s Cinema and Interactive Media Department. He previously served as a filmmaker in residence at the North Carolina School of the Arts and as Adjunct Professor at New School University in New York. Jeffrey Stern is a sound editor whose professional credits encompass work on over one-hundred feature films, documentary and television productions. He has been nominated six-times for an Emmy Award with one Emmy win and numerous other awards and achievements. He lives and works in Hillsborough, NC. Jeffrey Stern 4600 old NC Highway 86 Hillsborough, NC 27278 347-633-0171