I worked and photographed in various countries in Southeast Asia, and always wanted to experience Burma.  It seemed the most exotic of all-with its ancient temples and pagodas and a history that included years of colonization and military dictatorships. In 1991, it was possible to get a visa through a government approved tour agency.  To visit the Karen camp on the Thai-Burma border required a boat ride across the Moei River and a guide. -Charlyn Zlotnik


Charlyn Zlotnik began her career in Texas and continued in photography after moving to New York. As a photojournalist, she has covered international events in the Philippines, India, South Korea, Vietnam, Burma, Panama and Cuba, as well as news and feature stories around the United States.

Her work has been shown in a variety of exhibitions including the Museum of the City of New York’s: Rising Waters and at the Griffin Museum; the Witness, Visual Metric and Portrait exhibits. Music photos have been included in multiple shows at the Morrison Hotel Gallery and cover all genres of music. Her photographs have appeared in publications that include The New York Times, Newsweek, Time, Life and Rolling Stone and the book covers of David Halberstam’s Firehouse and The Grand Tour – The Life and Music of George Jones.