I met Bonnie McCormick during portfolio reviews last year at PhotoNOLA and was struck by these otherworldly images.

Bonnie captures what so often my mind’s eye sees.-editor



I heard just a few notes at first, but then more — as the breeze tried
to move the heat. It was just hot.
Following the music, I headed for the beach. The Third Man was dancing in the breeze, and then – it ALL unfolded before me.
Striking screen compositions, difficult camera angles, and air of intrigue weave through typical Film Noir movies, and that ‘feeling’ was unfolding before me. This series of images embraces that dramatic black and white look. Shot with a Holga, the graininess acknowledges the brooding air, palm trees reveal the hot breezes, and the beach tries to keep the swirling water at bay.
With excitement and trepidation – perhaps the only way to escape the heat- is to head to sea?  -Bonnie McCormick

BIO: The photographic images of Bonnie McCormick fluctuate between Man-made structure(s) and Nature, creating and questioning visual depth when elements collide.

Often her images give a sense of tactile ‘grit’ in the air. Working with pinhole cameras and similar, she captures images that oftentest balance and footing – metaphorically or actual.

At one time an Architectural Photographer, and Industrial Designer, Bonnie McCormick is now persuing her personal work.
And: I hear has a pretty good sense of humor.