drew geraci china imageOur project, Rising China, was created out of a need to see things from a different perspective. We were hired by a local Chinese company to bring a rather dull city to life, which was our main goal. One of the ways we thought we could do this would be to show the city and the surrounding area off by using drone technology. Never before had drone photography been used in this part of the world so it was especially pleasing to shoot something that no one had really seen before. It was beyond exciting being able to fly our drone through 500-year-old ancient temples, remote villages, and a bustling industrial city. We shot more than 2 hours worth of footage that will ultimately be used in an hour-long documentary produced by the Chinese company that hired us to shoot for them. —Drew Geraci
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Drew Geraci, 31, is a passionate and award-winning photographer/videographer who has been in the media industry for over 13 years. He has spent 9 years working as a Mass Communication specialist in the US Navy, 3 years as Senior Multimedia Producer for The Washington Times in Washington, DC, and is the owner of District 7 Media, LLC. He specializes in motion time-lapse photography, aerial photography, video production and motion graphics. His credits include the opening sequence to David Fincher’s/Netflix’s House of Cards, NFL Super Bowl 47/48 time-lapse intro production, 2013 NFL Draft, Corona Extra “Luna Corona” promos, PBS’s Frontline, HBO Documentaries, and many other commercial productions.

District 7 Media

District 7 Media specializes in high-end motion control time-lapse photography, aeiral videography, and full service video production. Their main goal is to create killer content that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Established in 2011, District 7 Media has produced cinematic quality content for feature films, television shows, documentaries and commercial agencies. They’ve traveled the globe shooting in remote and challenging locations like the Arctic, Southern Brazil, China, South Africa, Japan, and Europe.