July 2014




Artist’s Statement

I’ve been using a camera seriously since 1976 when I lived in upper New York State. There I made my first picture with Kodachrome 25 and a 30-year-old Argus C-3 camera given to me by my father. He was a compulsive amateur photographer whose father was a compulsive amateur photographer. I was 23 years old. My work attempts to convey the visual and metaphorical qualities of a physical subject while downplaying the technical exuberance and flamboyant excesses of most 21st century photography. I have a great affinity for those subtly beautiful contiguous moments, available to any interested observer, that are often missed in the crush of modern life. My inspiration is found in physical characteristics of the mundane and material world, and how history is presented and a future implied by the conditions of a particular moment.




I was born a while ago
and ever since then
things have been going just fine.