Artist’s Statement

It seems like it was in the creek behind my house where I grew up. Even before first grade, I became fascinated with the natural world and spent hours investigating every aspect of that little creek. My zoologist mother encouraged turning over rocks, learning the names of creatures and their places in that world. I now live in the woods and enjoy these same activities from my childhood. In the mountains, I have discovered that a quiet pool can soon give way to a heavy creek bold enough to drown out the noises of life and become a place of personal quiet. Within that quiet reflection, I get drawn in to the activity within these pools and streams as they are pushed around by the wind, pulled down hills, and eventually flow to the sea and then return again. The photographs from these moments transition from exuberant activity to quiet reflection.




Tim Lewis has had a life-long love of the arts, growing up in Kansas with a family that encouraged curiosity and creativity. After a stint as a perpetual college student he finally settled on visual arts, eventually focusing on photography.

He has lived in western North Carolina for 19 years and is currently Artist in Residence at Gallery 1, a small community gallery in Sylva, NC. Tim’s photography reflects his wide range of interests; he is especially concerned with cultural change, human perception, and our understanding of time. Tim has shown his work extensively, ranging from solo exhibitions to group exhibitions, and print publications. He has received numerous awards including a Regional Artists Project Grant.