July 2014



Richmond, Virginia

Artist’s Statement

Brown’s Island

I’m interested in the idea that we use the land that we have. When left to our own devices, we’re pretty creative. Seeing people gather on a small beach to enjoy a moment of respite from the hot Richmond summers left me wanting to investigate the community that formed each day under the train trestle.



My photographs focus on how we use landscape and the spaces we have access to. In 2010 I received my MFA from Mass Art in Boston and relocated to Richmond, Virginia, to make a home with my family. My work has been shown nationally. When moving to a new place, I wander, finding places that feel like they are a mystery and possibly that I shouldn’t be there. I wish there were a more glamorous way to talk about the choices that led me to photography, but photography was the only thing that I ever thought I really wanted to do over a lifetime. Photography made sense.