July 2014



Synergy, Sri Lanka

Artist’s Statement

No matter where we live we are reminded how intrinsic water is to our lives. In this set of images we see the role of water as a part of simply lived lives around the world. Simple yet rich in every way imaginable and there is water as an accompaniment.


Culture and customs are rapidly being abandoned or diluted by the flattening of the world. Many are in pursuit of a better life. This can be readily understood, yet it comes at a price. Lorrie’s quest as she sets out is to capture and communicate the essence of a culture; the uniqueness, mystery and beauty seen in the indigenous people and their environment before it is changed or lost forever.

Lorrie started exploring photography over 30 years ago after being exposed to it by a friend. Eight years ago Lorrie chose to pursue her true passion, photography, full time. After graduating from the Image Program at the Creative Circus, Atlanta, Georgia, Lorrie continues to travel to remote locations to capture culture in this rapidly changing world.

Earlier this year Lorrie returned from her second trip to Cuba where she photographed the people and culture as she traversed the island. The portfolios titled, Cuba – Just in Time and The Cars of Cuba may be viewed on her website. Similarly you can experience the all but eliminated Tibetan culture in her portfolio: Tibet – Remnants of a Fleeting Past.

Lorrie regularly does photographic work for NGOs (non-profit organizations) particularly focused on the issues and the needs of women and children in the US and abroad. She has self-published a book titled, The Women of Southeast Asia, and is the Key Photographer for a book titled, Meeting in the Middle, on behalf of Guatemala and the University of Pennsylvania, http://www.upenn.edu/provost/guatemala/.

Lorrie has been recognized by: Canon Professional Network, Editors Choice, Monica Allende, January 2010, http://cpn.canon-europe.com/content/news/Smithsonian Magazine, Photo of the Day, http://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/ Planet Magazine, Global Travel Photo Contest, July 2011, http://www.planet-mag.com/2011/home/editors/honorable-mention; two selections in the permanent collection “A New Outlook on the World” at the Shepherd Center Foundation, Atlanta, Georgia, Image #1 Early Morning and Image #2 Daily News, juried by Julian Cox, Curator of Photography at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, and Jane Jackson, Curator of the Sir Elton John Photography Collection.