May 2014



Orange Spotted Skipper

Artist’s Statement

Without doubt, the most difficult aspect of preparing for exhibits or electronic submittals (be it for publication or Facebook) is distilling twelve years or so of work into twenty-odd prints or images for viewing by the “public.” The images come from a rather eclectic collection born of a general interest in the world. I try to “see” the beauty in the commonplace things about me and to interpret and capture that beauty in an image. I find the effort to be marvelously therapeutic – the search for beauty being good for the soul.

The challenge of both vision and technique can be daunting, and at times the camera does not come out of its bag for a while. I have found that even when I am not actively shooting that my view of the world has been altered by my involvement in photography.

It is always a privilege to share some of what I have seen and captured. I enjoy the process of taking each and every image that I share. I always hope they convey the sense of wonder, of amazement, and yes, of amusement the world of photography brings to me.


I entered the world of photography back in 1971 when my older brother lent me his first SLR and two lenses while I was in the Air Force and stationed at Edwards AFB in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Upon my discharge in 1974, I found it hard to afford film and processing, and shooting in the desert had destroyed the shutter on the camera. So I quit shooting.

I started shooting digital about eleven years ago (2003), starting with a small, fixed lens, 2 mg camera and ending up with a Canon 20D and a Canon 50D, and an assortment of Canon lens. After going through the “flower phase” I settled into a predominate interest in macro photography, mostly using a flash rig that I found in a book by John Shaw that allowed me to shoot without benefit of a tripod. I shoot all macro (flora and fauna) in place in the field, finding that nature arranges far better than I. I do shoot from a tripod when necessary. I have shot along most of the East Coast and Colorado/Utah.

I am now retired, expecting to celebrate my 65th birthday soon, and living in South Carolina with my wife of 36 years. Learning to “see” in this part of the South has taken some development to appreciate the beauty hidden in the swamps and fields along the Savannah River. I also like to go into the coastal towns and cities for the marvelous old architecture and seascapes. I still have a general interest in the entire world.