March 2014




moonflower one bee

Artist’s Statement

One noticed from the first time my Moonflowers bloomed, so lovely and large (they are about 6-7 inches from stem to tip), that bees simply swarm them. They must be full of pollen. One evening, I camped out, lying on the ground or sitting on a stool, moving from flower to flower to observe the bees at their work. It seems that man is not the only one busy growing and gathering food. The term “busy as bees” took on a new meaning for me as I watched them gather each tiny disc of pollen and transfer it to their legs for storage. I had missed this beautiful and fascinating process until that very day. I was struck with awe and admiration for these tiny “farmers.”


I am a library/media specialist and freelance photographer from Morgantown, West Virginia. I have a passion for capturing the beauty of Earth, God’s incredible creations. No artist can create more beauty with a brush than that seen through the photographer’s lens.