March 2014



Nephew and chick

Artist’s Statement

As an adult, I value the childhood I had on a beef cattle farm in western North Carolina. My niece and nephew have continued that heritage on the same farm, raising chickens and a prized heifer for the county fair. I had the privilege of photographing them doing their chores on the farm. I also have a fondness for places left behind, and the black-and-white film images were taken while exploring a dairy farmer’s barns to find the remnants of life that once was. He has departed, but his tools, writings, and equipment remain behind. I shoot both digital and film.




Kimberly Lane is an environmental photographer who focuses primarily on rural landscapes of the southeastern United States. A native of the Appalachian Mountains, she has a keen interest in capturing artifacts of rural days gone by. She is a graduate of Western Carolina University and the University of Georgia and now resides in Social Circle, GA.