January 2014




Artist’s Statement

My fascination with architecture stems from my love of lines and how light bends around them. A fan of symmetry, and therefore of architects like Palladio and Johnson, the perfection of equal proportions and lines has always intrigued me. Architecture is an oft-ignored art form; we walk by it, see it, and enter it every day without ever experiencing it or understanding it as art. To me, however, a structure is a living, breathing organism and I strive to hear and then express what it’s trying to say in my photography.





Catherine Jarret is an award winning photographer whose work has been in such shows as Slow Exposures, Nature Undisturbed, and the Georgia National Fair. Born in Massachusetts, she lived in four states and one foreign country before she was in 6th grade. This led to an explorer mentality and an open-minded approach to subjects and locations. Having settled back in the Southeast, she is constantly amazed by how the light changes throughout the day and seasons and how it impacts the emotion and feel in a particular photograph. Catherine currently resides in central Georgia with her two children and one cannibalistic goldfish.