November 2013



Floyd Sorting Oysters

Uncommon People

I have always been drawn to uncommon people, from friends to strangers. Everywhere I go I see ordinary people and just walk on by, but give me just one person who is different in some way and I have to start a conversation. Almost every time I wind up photographing them.

In the city, the country or in between, they are everywhere and sometimes nowhere. Sometimes the conversation is enlightening, sometimes they are incapable of conversation. They always have a story to tell and I want to hear it and bring it to you in my own medium.



Mike presently works primarily in the digital photography medium. He started photographing in early 1974 and was self taught until enrolling in the Art Institute of Atlanta, where he acquired an Associate Degree in Photography.

Mike opened his first studio in Marietta, Georgia, in 1981 and his last studio was in Dallas, Georgia. He now works out of his home.

Mike is an award winning photographer who has had solo exhibits at Golden Isles Arts and Humanities Association in Brunswick, GA, Carrollton Cultural Arts Center in Carrollton, GA, and Zucot Gallery in Atlanta, GA. He also has work in the permanent collection at LaGrange Art Museum and Paulding Fine Arts Association. His work is included in private collections in Georgia and South Carolina.

Mike is currently working on Last Exit an exhibit of vacant spaces and the stories they tell. He is also working on The Uncommon, an ongoing series of people he meets in everyday life, as well as a couple of personal projects in Georgia and Florida.