November 2012


Family Tree

Artist’s Statement

Do we ever really own anything, or are we merely stewards of items while they are in our possession? Belongings of past generations may have some monetary value, or perhaps not so much. They are, however, great in sentimental worth.

We collect heirlooms from homes that change hands and/or residents. As relatives or friends pass on, their belongings are passed along to someone else. Sometimes we decide to repurpose items to incorporate them into our daily lives as part of our remembrance process. Sometimes we leave the artifact as it was – a jewelry box, a box of mementos – to be taken out at a time we wish to remember our loved one or a happy time in our lives. I can remember poking through treasure boxes as a child, trying on rings and necklaces, or looking at chopsticks and trinkets my grandfather carried home from the South Pacific.

I have become the steward of belongings from my grandparents. I cherish their personal effects. I maintain my connection to them through the use of their belongings. The photo Uncle Walter’s Silver shows the note my grandmother included in the box of silverware when she gave it to me. Who cannot point to items in their home and say that dish was Great-Grandma’s, those medals were Uncle John’s, this chair was made by my great-grandfather for his wife?

All photos in this collection were photographed in the home where they are usually found.




Donna Rosser is a self-taught fine art photographer. She is inspired by the everyday. Awesome compositions occur naturally, and are there to be seen. Donna’s photos are fresh, loose, inventive, and intriguing.

Donna founded the Fayette Photo Club and the membership program at Serenbe Photography Center, where she is executive director. She is also the founder of Nature, Undisturbed, a juried nature photography exhibit that benefits local conservation groups.

Her work has been included in many exhibits nationwide including SlowExposures, The Center for Fine Art Photography’s Center Forward, TPS 21, and Give Thanks at the Tin Roof Winery. She is also part of permanent collection of The Center for Fine Art Photography and FotoWeekDC. Her photos have been featured in the Denver Airport, the DC Metro, and now at the Maynard Jackson International Terminal in Atlanta.

When Donna is not taking photos, she is playing with her dogs Sadie and Iris, cooking, writing, or relaxing with family.