November 2013



The little nose picker begins the arc of life with an inquiring gaze into the essence of humanity. She is ably supported by a cast of female scientists appearing, from left to right, on the book jacket, talking on a cell phone and peering into a telescope.



This pair contrast the social with the anti-social and share common interest in footwear


This final group explores race relations in contemporary Georgia, from modern ease with inter-racial marriage and play to lingering doubt. It is best to close with an expression of all conquering love.


Taking candid photos in public places has been my practice for more than twenty years. Luck is a silent partner and I honor that good fortune by respecting the dignity of my subjects. This goes beyond no “cheap shots” to working stealthily and quickly. There’s an odd sensation of losing oneself in the moment that I consider to be a reward for this subtle, non-confrontational approach.

Recognition has come from the group show Georgia Photographers Only 2002, an October 1999 solo exhibition at Callanwolde, Silver Secrets, and inclusion in the Alston & Bird picture book, Atlanta Summer 1996. Between 2005 and 2008, I worked for Gannett newspapers in Maryland. My current photography practice is Atlanta Street Fashion, for which I was awarded Best Fashion Blogger for 2011 by Atlanta magazine and Best Local Blogger for 2012 in a Creative Loafing Readers’ Choice poll.