March 2013




Artist’s Statement

These figure studies come from a much larger body of work I call Shared Histories. I catalogue gesture, movement, stillness, attraction, self and other. I am attracted to the wild, undeveloped landscape. I work in spaces I am familiar with and (that) interact with people I am not. These photos are self-portraits, leaves writing on flesh, the landscape projected onto the body. They point to virile, masculine energy in a natural, untamed environment that is often symbolized by the feminine.

I use early 20th century cameras and 19th century printing processes. I also shoot with a digital camera. I usually print in platinum/palladium. More recently, I’ve begun producing copperplate photogravure prints.


I was lucky to grow up in the foothills of North Carolina, swimming, hiking, learning in a landscape I still explore. Except for brief forays outside the region, I’ve lived here all my life so far. A year in France was a seminal experience: my interest in photography and affection for a well-browned loaf of bread started there. For the past twenty years I’ve worked as a fine art and free-lance commercial photographer.
Born in Tennessee, 1952
Raised in Morganton, NC
Davidson College, class of 1974
Charlotte since 1974
A Visual Artist Fellowship from the North Carolina Arts Council and several Regional Artist Project Grants from the Arts and Science Council of Charlotte-Mecklenburg have funded my work in platinum/palladium and copperplate photogravure.