March 2013




Artist’s Statement

This began as a figure study of female nudes but soon would reveal another idea entirely: a truth. A truth that was always so but had somehow become lost or disguised as other intentions. So very easy to see past, a shame to acknowledge its primal reality, its perfection. One idea was all ideas and those ideas individually fought to live as though they were the beginning, the original. Without one the others would decay into something else impure and dishonest. How could I understand the depths of form of the nude woman when I was operating in partial truths? To create a work of art based on form is honest in and of itself but I felt dishonest with the work because I was trying to make it exist in one part of its whole. Form without beauty is nothing, beauty is nothing without emotion, love cannot exist without emotion and at the foundation the most intimate expression of love is sex. All combined in a flawless symphony, but alone different ideas entirely.

My intention with this work is to begin an internal conversation about the viewers’ perceived notions of the subject matter pertaining to beauty, nudity, sex, inhibitions, fears and thoughts. The color tones portray the realization and acknowledgement of the existence of this form in its various complexities as a whole. The series NUDUS is currently a work in progress.




My goal or hope is that when someone sees the work I have created that a conversation with the work will begin with them. It is my intention to create not only something that looks good on the wall but also something that provokes a thought or feeling associated with the work. I can only interpret through art what inspires me. I cannot define it.

Jon Morgan is a Nashville based art photographer currently exhibiting solo shows and private commissions.