March 2013




Artist’s Statement

My time in Cuba was brief, but the experience will resonate with me for a lifetime. Exploring the winding, weathered streets of Havana introduced me to people rich with spirit and a city trapped in time. The resulting series, Havana Noir, seeks to express the cinematic essence of place I encountered there. Echoes of the past permeate every corner of the sprawling urban labyrinth. Each brick looks as if it has a story to tell. Elements of nostalgia, culture, conflict, history, innocence and perseverance all come together on this isolated island nation. I hope positive social progress comes soon for the people of Cuba, but until then it is hard not to be enthralled by this surreal land that is so close, yet so far away.




Clay Lipsky is a fine art photographer and Emmy Award winning graphic designer from Clearwater, Florida. He has applied his unique visual style across a variety of mediums, from print and multimedia to TV and film. Despite his varied interests, photography has always been a part of Clay’s life. Within the last several years he has experienced a new-found interest with the medium and is now passionately focused on pursuing photography as fine art, free from clients and limitless in creative possibilities. Clay is self-taught and strives to create images that can stand the test of time. His photos have been exhibited in various group shows including those at the Annenberg Space for Photography, PhotoLA and The Impossible Project Spaces in New York City and Warsaw, Poland. Clay has also been published internationally in print and online, most notably with Esquire Russia, Wired ItaliaLibération (France), Yahoo! GermanyFraction, SquareDiffusionF-Stop, PH, um[laut] and Shots Magazine.