November 2012


Sanctuary: Portraits of Rescued Farm Animals
By Sharon Lee Hart
Includes a signed copy of Sanctuary: Portraits of Rescued Farm Animals and a 6 x 6 inch archival print of either Aint’cho, Dee Dee, Aries, Duncan, or Kaola, signed and numbered by Sharon Lee Hart

Limited to 50 copies (10 of each photograph available) $95.00 USD/shipping in the U.S. is included

10% will be donated to the sanctuary where the animal in the photo resides.



This first monograph by Sharon Lee Hart shows dignified black-and-white portraits of rescued farm animals, accompanied by handwritten stories by sanctuary founders and workers. Hart notes that farmed animals are “some of the most abused, overlooked animals on the planet”. She travelled to ten U.S. farm animal sanctuaries to make portraits of the lucky few that are able to live out their lives in peace. After spending time with the animals she discovered they had personalities as unique as any human, some were quirky or funny, while others sensitive, shy, playful, intelligent, mischievous and/or inquisitive. These characteristics come through in Hart’s poignant photographs.

Moving essays by Karen Davis, president of United Poultry Concerns; Kathy Stevens, founder of the Catskill Animal Sanctuary; and Gene Baur, founder of Farm Sanctuary are included.


Dee Dee