November 2012


Strawberry Pie

Artist’s Statement

For whatever series of simple or complex reasons, I don’t remember most of my childhood, and it remains a grand and intriguing mystery to me.

I take pictures of other people’s children as well as my own out of a deep curiosity to understand what might have happened to me, and also what happens to the children in my life now.

What kinds of tragedies and hurts, but also what kindnesses and inner resiliencies that compensate for the way the world infringes upon us all.



Cynthia Henebry is a photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. Her work explores themes present in contemporary family life, most frequently from the perspective of a child. She has exhibited at the Page Bond Gallery in Richmond, Virginia and the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center as well as other galleries in Virginia, North Carolina, California, Georgia, Illinois, and Nova Scotia. She is currently pursuing her MFA in photography and film at Virginia Commonwealth University.