November 2012


Christmas Truck

Artist’s Statement

As the holidays loom closer and the pace gets more frantic, it always seems like we lose sight of what it’s about – at least I know I do. Shopping, mall traffic, and the steady stream of madness reign as we careen through the holidays into the New Year.

Then one night in the midst of all the craziness you turn a corner and there it is. Glowing about halfway up the block. A quiet little reminder that lets you know what it’s all about and more importantly, that you can find it just about anywhere. Now if my wife would let me I’d pull it right in the living room and get rid of that tree.


Photographer and acclaimed recording artist and record producer Bob Delevante found Nashville, Tennesee, by way of Hoboken, New Jersey. While developing his music career on the east coast he earned a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design.

After graduating he continued to pursue his musical calling and recorded for Rounder, Capitol Records and now his own independent label/creative company, Bob Delevante Studios.

He rediscovered photography several years ago. He uses all the creative media at his disposal such as photography, songwriting and design to capture and document glimpses of everyday life. His unpretentious approach in both subject and method make Bob’s pictures instantly accessible and keep the emotion in his work honest and true to life.