September 2012


Max Window

Artist Statement

American Dreaming as a body of work is cinematic in nature, dealing with themes of isolation, emotional loss, and our lives through a dream. These images are born of dreams, stories and perhaps subconscious manifestation. What if these dreams were the truth of us? The interpretation of a perceived reality lived out by the recklessness of the world, and chaos constantly operating around us.
My approach towards photography is existential in nature. I believe if we focus our intent and observe, our own true art begins to emerge and form before us. It takes dedication and fearlessness to approach something so honestly with as many attachments to personal self. The latest series I am working on, American Dreaming, only began to make sense in various forms recently but yet I have been shooting these images for years with a hint of knowing one day what they would become.



Jon Morgan was born and raised in Northern Alabama. He received his Associates degree from Nossi College of Art in 2003 and has since traveled far from his native home. He works primarily in a digital format with an emphasis on the limitations and characteristics of film. Current series inlcude: Viator, American Dreaming, and Absinthium.